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Print the charts and then place them in a sheet protector for use. Write on, wipe off and hang anywhere. Remember to set your printer margins to "0" when printing.

Hourly Behavior Chart Chart

I Behaved Well (Sunday-Saturday)| I Behaved Well (Monday-Thursday) | I Behaved Well (Monday-Friday)

Items Checklist Chart (Items checked out & checked in)

Items Checklist Chart (Items brought & Items taken home)

I Finished All Of My Work Today Chart

I Shared Today Chart

I Get Along With Classmates Chart

I Minded My Own Business Chart

Allowance Chart (This was requested by a mom who gives her children an allowance in the beginning of the week. Each day chores aren't done, amount is subtracted from the allowance during the week. If chores are done, full allowance is kept by the child.)

Targeted Behavior Charts

Good behavior is taught through constant follow up. Help children keep track of the good behavior they have in various situations through out the day. Start with one chart at a time until a desired behavior is mastered.

I Behaved Well (Sunday-Saturday)| I Behaved Well (Monday-Thursday) | I Behaved Well (Monday-Friday)

I Changed Clothes | Don't Lose Temper | Honest, No Lies
I Helped | I Said Nice Things | I'm Nice To Brother | I'm Nice To Sister
No food in my room | Please & Thank You | Stay in Seat | Stop Whining | Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Behavior Tokens

Sometimes children need something physical as a kind of reward for behaving or doing certain tasks. Use these tokens and chore bucks in place of money or candy. These rewards can be saved up for money, candy, etc. but the initial reward is one that allows a child to save towards a goal, after they have accomplished something.

Here are eight different token color choices: Blue | Pink | Purple | Green | Red | Orange | Yellow | Brown : Keep track with this record chart: Reward Tokens Record

Here are different types of paper bucks: Chore Bucks | Play/Exercise Bucks | Homework Bucks | Behavior Bucks

Keep track of the paper bucks with these record charts: Reward Bucks Record | Reward Bucks Record - 4 | Reward Bucks Value

Good Behavior Award

Other Behavior Charts

Sometimes children just need to be reminded of consequences or punishments for their bad behavior. Use these charts as a visual reminder of their actions.

Strike 3 (Consequences) | Strike 3 (Punishment) | Strike 3 Chart (Concerns/Punishment) | Strike 3 Chart (Concerns/Consequences)

Behavior (3 Faces w/comments)

Don't Fight! Take Turns! (7 Days a Week) | Don't Fight! Take Turns! (60 Days)

Children that don't learn how to apologize for something, become adults that can't apologize. Writing a small apology note helps as an active way to say sorry rather than just a quick verbal sorry.

Apology Notes | Apology Notes (with "Dear")

Time With Loved Ones

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily activities of everyday life. Especially when you are trying to make ends meet financially. Life is so precious and short. Make sure to share time with people you love (family and friends).

Share Time Calendar | Share Time Daily Details

Give your child a chance to jot down things they want to do with you or other loved ones in their family.

Things I Want To Do With Mommy Chart | Things I Want To Do With Daddy Chart | Things I Want To Do With _____ Chart

Other Behavior Charts

For more help with a child's behavior or manners, try these charts to keep track...

Table Manners | Borrowed Items | Mood | Don't Procrastinate Chart

Behavior | Behavior (7 Day) | Behavior (Day : Noon : Evening) | Behavior (Day : Noon : Bedtime)

Chore Chart & Behavior Kid Contract


Better Behavior Wheel Tool | Child Anger Management