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Print the charts and then place them in a sheet protector for use. Write on, wipe off and hang anywhere. Remember to set your printer margins to "0" when printing.

Chore Charts

Chore Bucks
Play/Exercise Bucks
Homework Bucks
Behavior Bucks

Reward Bucks Record
Reward Bucks Record - 4
Reward Bucks Value

Weekends Chart (Chores/Fun)

Chore Chart & Behavior

Kid Contract

Chore Chart (with pictures)

Chore Chart (with no pictures)

Chore Chart (with points)

Point System (for anything)

Chore Chart w/ Hearts

Chore Chart w/ Movie Theme

Dishes Clean/Dirty Chart

Chore Charts

Tasks & Behavior for Points Chart

Having kids, I made some chore charts in an effort to make sure that every part of my house gets cleaned. I will now share with you this chore chart system. I place these charts in sheet protectors and use a dry erase marker to check off the chores done. The main chart is to place on the refrigerator, as this is a place everyone frequents. It lists chores that are to be done daily, weekly, and yearly. The other charts are to be placed in the rooms indicated (I have mine on the back of the doors, etc.). Instead of hanging them up, they can be put away until the day you need them. After you are finished with them, you can put them away. The first week will be challenging as it will be the first thorough cleaning. After that it will be a maintenance thing.

Main Chore Chart (for system)
Office Chart
Laundry Room Chart
Livingroom / Diningroom Chart
Kitchen Chart
Bedroom Chart
Bathroom Chart
Outdoor Chart
Foyer Chart (For Children)

Classic Chore Charts:

8 Slot Chart (Heart)
8 Slot Chart (School)

12 Slot Chart (Heart)
12 Slot Chart (School)

16 Slot Chart (Heart)
16 Slot Chart (School)

Three Contributed:

Young Child Chore Chart

Regular Chore Chart

Regular Chore Chart (Blank)