Frequently Asked Questions about Chart Jungle :

Q. Why don’t your charts have more images and colors?

A. These printables would take too much ink from a printer if they had a lot of images/colors. The more colors/images used on a printable, the larger the file size, so the longer the download time. For more colors, buy preprinted paper with different patterns and colors.

Q. Why don’t your charts comply with the wording/terms from my country?

A. These printables are created in the USA. You may send in requests for changes in wording/terms and specify which country you are from. New charts will be created as time allows.

Q. Why do you have ads on the website and in the newsletter?

A. Bandwidth from having the charts downloaded by people costs money. The more people downloading the charts, the more money the hosting costs. The editable charts are especially large. Since the charts are complimentary for visitors/subscribers, the ads help offset the costs. This is a mom who runs this site, not a big company.