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Computer Printer Picture Graphics - Printable School & Homeschool Charts for Parents & Teachers ( FREE PRINTABLES : SCHOOL : HOME SCHOOL : TEACHER )

Print the charts and then place them in a sheet protector for use. Write on, wipe off and hang anywhere. Remember to set your printer margins to "0" when printing. 


Phone Time Chart (keep track of time on phone, length of call, person talked to, etc.)

Screen Time Chart (keep track of time on computer, video games or watching television)

Division Chart

Graph Paper (Numbered 4 Sections)
Graph Paper (Numbered 1 Section)

Graph Paper (4 Sections)
Graph Paper (1 Section)
Graph Paper with Edge

Number Lines

Word Lists (Spelling Lists)
Word Lists (WIDE Spelling Lists)

"What I Learned" Chart
"What I Learned" Chart (Blank)

Back to School Checklist
Report Card

Chore Bucks
Play/Exercise Bucks
Homework Bucks
Behavior Bucks

Reward Bucks Record
Reward Bucks Record - 4
Reward Bucks Value

Regular Schedules

Daily Schedule Checklist (Blank)
Daily Schedule Checklist (Kids)
Schedule Chart (Kids - Basic)

Learning Checklist
Learning Checklist (Blank)


Monthly Checklist
Monthly Checklist (with labels)

Homeschool Schedules

Daily (1 kid)
Daily (2 kids)
Daily (3 kids)
Weekly (1 kid)
Weekly (1 kid - 1 week)
Weekly (2 kids - 2 weeks)
Monthly (2 kids - 2 months)
Monthly (3 kids - 3 months)
Yearly (3 kids - 3 months)


Screen Time Chart (keep track of time on computer, video games or watching television)

Library Books Due Chart

Flash Cards
Flash Cards 2 (lines length-wise)

Practice Chart (Many Topic Use)

I did ALL my homework Chart (My teacher says)

I did ALL my homework Chart (Blank)

Remembered Homework (5 day)

Remembered Homework (7 day)

Homework Completed

Attendance Chart (Daily)

Attendance Chart (Weekly)

Volunteer / Sign up Chart

Volunteer / Sign up Chart (Snack / Craft / Game)

Night Before School Chart

Ready For School Chart

Homeschool Ready For School Chart

Temperature Dress Chart

Reading Chart (Weekly)

Reading Chart (Monthly)

Library Chart 

Homeschool : Game Time Chart

Reading : Game Time Chart

Reading : Exercise : Game Chart

Reading : TV Chart

Reading Chart


First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Nineth Grade
Tenth Grade
Eleventh Grade
Twelfth Grade
High School

School Year Calendars: (Can be used for "Attendance")

School Days Calendar (Year)

More Calendars